Our Committee

  • Malcolm Moodie (Chairman)
  • Judy Byrne (Treasurer)
  • Lindsey Smith (Secretary)
  • Louise Hillman (Programme Secretary)
  • Jane Morgan (Residential Trips Co-ordinator)
  • Raymond Sancroft Baker
  • Alison Saunders
  • Rolf Smith (Vice Chairman)

Discounts are available to members upon production of a membership card at: Applegarth Nurseries, Chipping Norton.

A discount card is available for Harefurlong Nurseries, Farnborough. (discounts not available on gift tokens or discounted items)

Discounts are also available through the Society on compost and seed orders.

You can learn about our Society history by clicking here.

The Royal Horticultural SocietyWe are proud members of the The Royal Horticultural Society.
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